Saturday, March 21, 2015

Different worlds of Hawaii

We took an forty minute flight to the big island and we went from seeing this on Honalulu to seeing....
...this on the Big Island.  The vast land of destruction from lava flows.  We went down towards the ocean and saw miles of where the lava has distroyed everything in it's path, including homes.  It was hard to grasp the power of the hot red flowing lava.  


The hot steam vents are poping up all over the park.

It was amazing to walk through a Lava Tube.

We were four miles above the floor of the volcano.  We walked down to see what was once a red multing surface.  This is still an active volcano but there is no seismic activity. at this time there are only steam vents that are active.  It is hard to see in the picture, but there are people walkning on the surfice.     

We are now on the surface and it is amazing.

We are headed to the beach where the lava flowed.
Below the rim is all new land.  The picture was taken from the top of the mountain.  The light beige line on the left of the picture is a road. 
This is the road from the picture above.  
This is all the new land, where the lava flowed into the ocean.  

I was photo bombed!
Back on Honolulu.

The famous Waikiki Beach view. 

We saw some grat fireworks from our balcony.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exploring The Oahu Hawaiian Island

We started out our day climbing a very large mountain at Diamond Head State Monument.  There are bunkers at the top and they were used during World War II

That is just a small part of what we had to climb. 

Once we got to the top the view was spectacular. 

The Bunker!
Honalulu, Waikiki Beach

After visiting the memorial we decided to drivve up the North side of the Ilsand.  We came up on an overlook and Art spoted some wales.  This Was amazing. Thank goodness for my zoom lense on my camera.  You can get a really good Ideas on how big that wale is by looking at the boat on the left.  

We then spotted two whales.  As if one wasn't exciting enough.

When I was taking pictures of these whales, we were at the top of this mountain looking down.
We got down to the bottom and the whales were still playing.  

The whales water spout.

Now on to the rest of the island.  The scenery is amazing. 

Tunnels through the mountain

Aloha.  Until Tomorrow. 


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