Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Last District Campout with the Cub Scouts

Every year District has a big campout and they call it Spook-o-ree.  They have activities Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Saturday evening is a spooky trail that The Cisco Kid looks forward to every year. 

This is the fifth year we have been going to this event and every year they have all the same activities.  BB gun, archery, kick ball, geology, astronomy and ultimate Frisbee.  For Webelos only they had knot tying, fire safety and how to chop wood with a hatchet safely.

Now because this is our fifth year, The Cisco Kid and the rest of my Den have all of the belt loops and pins for every activities they had to offer.    The only activity all the boys wanted to go to was BB gun, archery, knot tying and fire safety. 

How to chop wood with a hatchet
 Talking about Fire Safety.

The Cisco Kids target from BB gun.
The Cisco Kid's Target from Archery

When all the other activities were going on, the boys stayed back at camp and had so much fun.  They gathered a lot of wood to build a fort.    


Monday, October 14, 2013

Class project from the book "Out of my mind"

The class project was based on the Book 'Out Of My Mind"   The book is about a girl that is in fifth grade and has Cerebral Palsy.  She is extremely smart, but has no way to speak until she gets a Medi-talker. 
The Cisco Kid chose a supporting character (Connor) to do the project and report on.  His character Connor is handing the trophy to Melody (the main character) to apologize to her for leaving her behind when they went to Washington D.C. for a school competition. 

CPR training

The Cub Scouts Webelos went through CPR Training.

For basic CPR training they are not teaching mouth to mouth anymore.  They do teach that in the more advanced classes.  The trainer was explaining, there is enough air in the blood to sustain someone, its the blood not circulating to the brain and body that is detrimental.  So now they teach Chest Compression CPR only.  She Showed them step by step instructions. 
1. See if they are responsive.  If not responsive proceed to the next CPR step. 
2. Call 911
3. Lay them on their back.
4. Put the heal of your hand on the back of your other hand and lock your fingers.
5. Then put the heal of your hand middle of the chest, Locking your elbows and the shoulders should be directly over the body's chest. 
6.  Pushing at a rate of 100 compressions per minute.

The boys asked what if they get tired before the ambulance gets there.  She said if they get fatigued they can pass it off to someone else.  and keep doing that until rescue gets there. 

She had the test dummies there for the boys to practice on. She also showed them how to work a AED (Automated External Defibrillator) These Defibrillators are all automatic.  You open it up and it talks to you, telling you step by step instructions.  If you were to do something wrong, it tells you that is wrong and how to do it again.     


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