Wednesday, February 18, 2015

12 years old!

I cant believe he is Twelve Years Old!  Connor has so many fine qualities as a young man.  There are three things that come to mind quickly when I think of him.  Caring, kind and a great outlook.  I think having these three things makes a great foundation in a persons life

He is genuinely caring.  He has that caring quality not for himself but for other peoples feelings. He doesn't like to see people hurt or feel uncomfortable. 

He is kind. He is not kind when he wants something or when it benefits him.  He is kind just because he wants to be nice and have people react in a positive manner. 

He has a great outlook on life.  Middle School is hard, Socially.  These are the years where kids like to feel accepted and validated by their peers.  These are also the years where social situations can mold a young man.  I can say that he is holding true to himself.  He is rising above all the juvenal nonsense in school and he is not letting all the peer pressure get to him.

It is a Happy Birthday, to you.

His favorite Ice cream cake.  Oreo Log roll. 


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basket Ball

Four weeks into basketball.  The Cisco Kids Number is 34 and he looking good!



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