Sunday, January 11, 2015

Third and Final Post on our Mini Vacation

It is nice to spend some time at the beach. Even though we live about 30 minutes from the beach, we seem to never get there.  So getting a great hotel room on the beach is exactly what we needed.

This hotel is not only about the beach.  They have other activities that can be enjoyed.  They have an indoor pool, outdoor pool,  outdoor heated pool & cute water park for the kids with a sandy play area.  They have nice secluded areas around the property with hamicks and several firepit's / stove's.

View of the sun rise from our room.  

 Fire Stoves
Fire Pit!
The pool!
He has to dig a hole in the sand.
 The Property has this Bird and It's Name is Amelia.
 Every night the staff goes out by the beach and builds a Bon Fire.
 The view of the moon from our room. 
 This is the conclusion of our mini vacation.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Continuing our Mini Vacation

Yesterday I spoke about the room at the Ritz Carlton.  Now for the Food in the Club and the grounds.

The Club is a lounging room with views of the Ocean with a Fireplace.   They serve food five times a day, with all the beverages you want to drink throughout the day as well as all the alcohol you want to drink.

They had so much food on this breakfast buffet.    There was and assortment of fruit, vegetables, cheese and sliced meats including locks.  The bread selection included, muffins, croissants, danish, bagels, english muffins and bread.  Under the light was this amazing baked sweet rolls that were soaking in this wonderful cream sauce.  They were so light, warm and fresh with a light sweet taste.

It did not end there.  They also had cereal with and assortment of juices and I cant forget about the Campaign.   They had champagne in an Ice Bucket all day long.  I enjoyed a Mimosa with my breakfast. 

There was sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and bacon.  
This was set up all day with Hot chocolate, coffee, tea & espresso.
 Lunch was really good as well.  They had salad bar, Soup,with rolls.  Assortment of sliced meats and cheeses. They also has some really good sandwiches. 

 For dinner they served some sliced meats and an assortment of cheeses with an assortment of breads.  The light is keeping lobster rolls worm.  They were so delicious.  They also had dips and sushi items.   They also had anything alcoholic and non alcoholic to drink.

This was a child friendly station.  PB & J sandwiches with fresh baked cookies and cupcakes.  
 This was one of the Snacks they put out.  Assortment of cheese, dips crackers, chips & olives. 
 This was another little goodie station.  Assortment of candies and cookies. 
Since I had so many pictures about the food I will post about the grounds Tomorrow. 


Friday, January 9, 2015

Mini Vacation!

The whole family was in need of a getaway with some R&R.   The perfect spot was the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Fernandina.   This was a short trip but I will be going back, even though it's only one and a half hours away from home. 

We got the Atlantic Suite in the Ritz.  The Hotel has what they call the Club.  All rooms that are located on the 8th floor have Free access at all times to this.  The Club is open from 7:00 AM through 10:00 PM daily.  The Club is a lounging room with views of the Ocean with a Fireplace.   They serve food five times a day, with all the beverages you want to drink throughout the day as well as all the alcohol you want to drink.  They have a full bar in the kitchen and all you have to do is ask for your drink and the hostes will get it for you.  The food was so good.  I enjoy champagne, so that was my choice of drink during our stay.

OK!  Lets talk about the room.  We stayed in the Atlantic Suite.  It is a one bedroom 1.5 baths with a living room and dining room.   You walk into the foyer. It has the 1/2 bath in it.  The foyer opens up to the living room and dining room.  There is a wall of sliding doors that open up on the balcony with full ocean front views.  The bedroom has it's own balcony with full ocean front views as well.  The Bathroom!  This bathroom has three TV's. One in each of the mirrors and one by the tub.  The Shower has four jets, rain shower head and shower wand that is all computer controlled. 

 Tomorrow I will post about the Food and the grounds. 



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Christmas to Remember

It is always a good time at Christmas.  The pots are clanking from me cooking.  My in-laws are here from down south. My Brother and my nephew came over to have dinner.  The house is full of food and family.  What more can you ask for. 

The hype of Christmas starts one days prior to Christmas Eve. I want to have a nice breakfast on Christmas Day so I make my Egg SoufflĂ© and put it in the fridge.  Christmas morning I take it out and put it in the oven for one hour and Wala! A Christmas Breakfast everyone loves.

My In-laws gave us a Prime Rib Dinner from Honey Baked Ham.  I cooked that for our Christmas Eve Dinner and It was amazingly good.

Our Christmas Day Lunch was some homemade Stromboli

For our Christmas Dinner I had Chicken Parmigiana, Egg Plant Parmigiana and Italian Meatballs.   
Christmas Eve, opening stocking gifts!
Christmas Morning!

The Cat not only get a gift from us but from Grandma as well. Spoiled Cat!

Remote controlled WWII Tanks that have infer red cannon shots that disable the other tank when hit. 
He loves a good Nerf Gun.

Christmas Dinner.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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