Monday, March 31, 2014

First Boy Scout Campout

The Cisco Kid is only three Troop meeting into his first year and he is really fitting in to the ways of Boy Scouting. 

He has already completed all his requirements to get the boy scout patch.  He was awarded it on Thursday at the Troop Meeting.  I had no idea he had completed all that was required.  I am amazed and proud that I can actually say, I had nothing to do with it.  He took it all upon himself.  He asked one thing of me, and that was to go over the Parents Guide with him.   Everything else he completed on his own and with his Patrol. 

This Friday and Saturday they had a camp-out planned and because of the rain they decided to only camp-out on Saturday.  They left at 6:30 a.m. heading to Gold Head State Park.  They got there just in time to set up their tents and eat some breakfast.  Then it started to down poor.  They took shelter under a Pavilion and had a blast.  That is what it is all about...Overcoming and adapting to the situation and then you have success.  A couple of hours later it cleared up and they were back to playing.

The Troop Scout Master is all about leadership training and requires everyone to be fully trained in many different areas of scouting.   The Chief was appointed to be in charge of all the Leadership training.  The Troop has all very strong leaders with lots of training under their belts,  but he has to get them more training as well as getting the new leaders trained.

The Cisco Kid and his buddy put up the tent themselves.    
The Cisco Kid being awarded his Boy Scout card to follow up with the Patch. He was the first boy out of his troop of new scouts to receive this patch.  Not that it is a race to see who can get all their patches first.  I am just so amazed that he is taking this so serious and completing what is required.   Is it possible this could be the result of his mother working so hard for many years teaching him how to earn patches?  Could this have rubbed off on him?   :-)

Love seeing his smile when he drove up.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The third post of our Stone Mountain trip.

There are a couple of things we want to do today.  We are going back into the City to go to the Furnbank Museum
The museum has a visiting exhibit,  Whales Giants of the Deep. 
 When you enter the museum you are greeted by an amazingly large dinosaur.  It is next to the T-Rex and it is so large it makes the T-Rex look small. 
These two are already tired. 

 We were done walking through all three levels of the medium by 1:00 p.m.  We had one more thing we wanted to do back at Stone Mountain.  The Sky Hike!  This is a three level obstacle maze ranging from twenty feet to forty feet in height.  You are tethered to a beam above your head and your challenge is to walk along these obstacle challenges to get to the next platform.   Some of the challenges are where you have to walk on a thin rope, small planks or thin beams.  The Cisco Kid and I did the thirty foot obstacle level.  The higher you go the more challenging they made the walk across.  Example:  The first level at twenty feet had a 12 inch beams with a handrail.  The second level (30 feet) had a four inch beam with no handrail.  It was just you, your tether and that four inch beam.  That is just one example of about fifteen scenarios. 
The Cisco Kid was fearless!

We really enjoyed Stone Mountain.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Second day of our trip to Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is about thirty minutes from Atlanta.  We decided to go into the city and visit the World of Coca Cola.  We spend about three house touring the building where they had so much to see and movies to watch.  At the very end they had about 100 soda flavors from around the world you can taste.  The Cisco Kid could not wait until the end so he could try all the soda's.  I have to say that Italy was to worst taste ever.  I tasted like ginger and the aftertaste was horrible.

It was fun seeing all the Coca Cola paraphernalia from the beginning.
 Coca Cola Mold.
 Coca Cola Sponsors the winter and summer Olympics and they get all the torches.  The Cisco Kid is holding the Beijing torch from 2008. 
 Some of these item are made out of Coca Cola cans cut up. 

 The Vault!  These is where they have the secret Coca Cola formula.
Just behind this door it the secret formula.
We were done around two o'clock in the after noon and we decided to go back to Stone Mountain and see the sights there.  When we where here a few winters ago, we never got a chance to ride the train because it was in the train yard for maintenance.  We were so happy to get to ride it this time around.  We passed an abandoned town that was built back in the 18 hundreds.  Building back then were so small. 

I will post the rest of our trip tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Day at Stone Mountain

At the last moment, during Spring Break we decided to take a trip up to Stone Mountain Georgia .  The Chief and The Cisco Kid have been working really hard and needed a relaxing break from work and school work. 

We have been here before and had such a great time just enjoying the park and all the amenities it had to offer. 

We arrived early on our first day and before checking into the Resort we decided to explore Stone Mountain.  We purchase a one way Gondola trip to the top of the mountain so we could walk 1,500 feet down.   It was an hour and a half of winding pathways all the way down the mountain.   At first the Chief and The Cisco Kid wanted to walk up the 1,500 foot mountain.  I vetoed that real fast!!!   We passed a lot of people going up as we were going down the mountain and they were not have any fun at all.  It is not for the inexperienced hiker.  

Feels like you are on top of the world.  You can see for miles.

Down Hill All The Way!

With all this heavy lifting and walking (again I will say) 1,500 feet down hill.  I am ready to kick off my shoes in our suite. 

Our room had two balconies and the views were spectacular.  For reference purposes. The name of the resort is, Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort, room 301.  I will be staying there again. 
After dinner we went by the pool and played life size Checkers and Chess.  The Chief sat by the fire pit while the Cisco Kid won all the games. 

I will post more of our trip tomorrow.  


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