Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  As always we stay home and enjoy the day with family.  This is one of my favorite holidays.  I spend an enormous amount of time peeping and cooking for this holiday.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Loving our new Boy Scout Troop

We have decided to join a new Boy Scout Troop.  I am so happy with the ethical and moral values of our new troop.  Not only with the adults but with all the scout's themselves.  The 12 core values are paramount in this troop.  Safety on camp-out's are everything I imagined they should be on a Boy Scout Camp-out.  It is a true testament to the Scout Master and his ability to run a great Troop.  

This is a boy lead Troop with the guidance of the Scout Master.   The Senior Patrol Leaders teach and mentor the younger scouts in their achievements and rank advancements.  I am so impressed with the attitudes of the Senior Patrol Leaders.  When I look at these boys, I see they have what it takes to hold the title of Eagle Scout. 

We have been in this troop only for a month and I can see that the older scouts are a positive role model for the younger scouts.  They do not fight, argue, bully and disrespect each other or disrespect other Scouts property.   In addition my son has been learning so much at each Troop Meeting.  There has never been a week, where he came home and said we did nothing. 

The Chief and The Cisco Kid went on their first camp-out with the Troop.  They camped in tree-houses.  They got there Friday Night and set up camp.  The troop cooked dinner and Light out at 10:30 p.m.   Saturday they ate breakfast and did the Flag Ceremony.   After the Flag Ceremony, they set up four Challenge Stations.  The first station was putting together a stretcher.   The second station was flag raising.  The third station was  putting up a tent, blind folded.  The fourth station was Knot Tying.  

After the challenge they ate Lunch.  They sat by the Campfire for a about two hours.  Then they went Canoeing and Fishing.   At 7:00 pm they ate dinner, cleaned up and went to the Troops planing meeting.  

The Troop Planing Meeting is where they all vote  on where they will like to go on all there camping trips.  Over the next four months they will be  going to Shands twice for a weekend  to earn their shooting merit badge, Backpacking trip at Torreya State Park and a weekend camp-out at NASA Cape Canaveral Fl.  This Troop is really letting these boys have an adventure.    

That was a full day of very organized and very safe activities.  I feel so good that my son is learning everything the right way. 

This past weekend they camped out in the Tree Houses.  

He was so tired at the Planing meeting he ended up falling asleep. 




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