Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cub Scouts Shadow Box

I finally got all The Cisco Kids Cub Scout items under glass.  I found myself putting all his Cub Scout items in a plastic bin and storing them on a shelf.  I just knew that these items would eventually get lost.  That is when I did some re-search on Pinterest for some ideas on how to keep these little treasures organized.  The idea I liked the best was putting everything in a Shadow Box.  I found this box at Hobby Lobby on sale.   The size of this box is 24 x 36.  It took me two day to get everything in just the right spot.  Now Everything is in a safe place to be admired for years and year.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Second Boy Scout Campout

The Cisco Kid has been on his second Boy Scout Campout in two months.  They have another one scheduled for the end of next month and then in June.  They are really serious about camping every month so far.   The Cisco Kid has a blast at these campouts. 

The Cisco Kid walking back from a hike.
Learning how to build a fire. 
Every Patrol has their own patrol box filled with their cooking items.
Every Patrol has their own camp stove to cook for their patrol.
It was Hamburger night.
They have to wash their own dishes.  This is their dish washing system.  The first bucket is soapy water. The second bucket is bleach water. The third bucket is rinse water.   
The adults do not eat with the Scouts.  They make their own meal.  They brought Spaghetti & Salad.  I brought them Stromboli's.  There were some left over and they would not share with the senior patrol leaders.  They saved them for breakfast.
This is what the men did all day.  I wanted to come out to the campsite around three o'clock so I could take some pictures.  The Chief told me not to come out before 4:00 PM, because they would all probably be taking a nap. 
The Cisco Kid and his friend set up their tent.  The last time he camped out he complained how sandy it was in the tent.  This time he decided to bring the carpet from his bedroom and put it outside their tent to keep the sand out.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Two Easter Tradition.  One is making my Easter Bread filled with yummy fillings.  Two is The Cisco Kid going through his Easter basket.   It gets harder every year to fill the basket.  As he get older, there are not that many toys he want any more.  Everything seems to be geared towards the computer.


I had made a brunch buffet.

 For dinner I made Ricotta cheese Cavatelli sautéed in Garlic, Olive oil & spices.  For the full recipe go to Easter Dinner


Friday, April 18, 2014

The Cat watching The Cisco Kid do his homework

This is just so cute! The Cisco Kid came home from school and sat at his desk to do his homework, when the cat jumped on the desk and decided to stay and relax while The Cisco Kid finished working.   


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