Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turning Ten

The Cisco Kid turned ten this month. Since his birthday was in the middle of the week we had a little family celebration.  That weekend we went out with some friends to a new play destination.

 As for his family celebration.....I made him an Ice-cream cake that I saw on pinterest.  I thought it was such a good idea and so easy.   Since The Cisco Kid loves everything Titanic I made him a Chocolate Titanic Ship to go on top.

The cake is made out of Ice cream sandwiches stacked.  The Cisco Kid loves chocolate chip mint ice cream and I happen to find ice cream sandwiches in chocolate chip mint.  In between each layer of sandwiches is a mixture of Cool Whip mixed with one box of chocolate pudding.   


I wanted to make smoke come out of the ships stacks so I though it would be a good idea to wrap chocolate around stick matches. When the flames went out it really did not smoke. But the blaze was something.   

Rebounderz is the new play place that we have been wanting to try out. The Cisco Kids Birthday was the perfect place to go and play. Rebounderz is an inside trampoline arena. They have several different areas where they can play all kinds of games on the trampoline.  Trampoline Basketball, Trampoline Dodge ball, Trampoline designated for flips & Trampoline designated for just jumping. 

After Rebounders we went out for an Italian lunch.

Happy Birthday Son.


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