Monday, June 30, 2014

One Week In Camp Daniel Boone NC

The Boy Scouts went on a week long camping trip to Camp Daniel Boone NC.  They just returned Sunday very early in the morning.  The Chief and The Cisco Kid were totally exhausted.  The chief was in leadership classes for most of the day every day and the Cisco Kid worked on his merit badges.  He took Canoeing, Leatherwork, Wood Carving and Inventing.  He started his day at 9:00am through 3:50 breaking for a one hour lunch.   Any free time they had, the camp filled that time up with Bon Fires & Flag raising and Flag retirements.

They got on the road at Midnight Saturday and they stopped for a McDonald's breakfast at 7:00 am. 

They arrived at Camp Daniel Boone NC at 9:30 am. 
The Cisco Kid made their Patrol flag.  They are the Phoenix Patrol
 Getting his invention check off.  He had two inventions.  the first one was a fishing pole that automatically launched the line using a pad key to measure the distance of the launch.  The Counselor said that it was to complicated to make and he had to come up with another invention.  The second invention was a Pocket Knife with all the different  utility blades in similar size that  can be added to the handle as needed.  He said with the normal utility knifes it was very inconvenient that all the knives that have to fold up in the knife get smaller and smaller so they can all fit.  But with his invention, all the knifes are all the same size.  He said part of the merit badge requirement was to use your invention in a commercial.    
They just got done hiking three miles up a four thousand foot mountain.   

Hanging out!   
They arrived home at 1:15 am Sunday Morning. 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leaving for a week :-(

My men are leaving for their North Carolina camping trip for a week.  The will be staying at Camp Daniel Boone where he will probably come back a changed boy, (more grown up).

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We broke down and gave him a Cell Phone!

We did say we were not going to get him a cell phone until he was twelve years old.  Well,  we changed our minds when he spent the night over a friends house and we were texting him through his iPad.  It worked out really well but when he goes to Boy Scout Camp he will not have his iPad and without a phone, I will not have any contact with him for a week.  Totally unacceptable!
So the phone was a must have.  He could not be any happier. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I survived Islands of Adventure with a bunch of 5th graders!!!

The 5th grad had their end of the year class trip to Islands of Adventure Orlando.  There were many Chaperones to accommodate all the kids.  My group of boys and the boys from another group wanted to all hang out together.  So I teamed up with the other chaperone and it just so happened she had an Express Pass and all the boys were able to get on all the rides through the Express lane. 

I have to start out by saying I love a good rollercoaster.  The bigger the drop, the more upside down loops and the more twists the better I like it.  The other chaperone was so happy to team up together because she hates to ride the rollercoaster's and her son loves them.   It worked out really well for us. She did not have to let her son ride the rollercoasters without an adult.  Thank goodness for that Express Pass because we went on all the rides they wanted.  Thirteen rides and attractions later it was time to go, and I was ready.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Completed Bedroom Renovation

Three weekends in the making and the renovation is finally completed.  It is no longer a little boy room but now more of a tweens boy cave. 
  Having his desk under the bed really added so much more square footage to his room. 



Here are some before and after pictures.


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