Sunday, February 9, 2014

OMG He's 11

There are time that I wish I could stop The Cisco Kid from growing up. This is the age where his personality is out there to be seen.  Good or bad.  He really has a great personality, he is kind, caring, helpful, really funny.  I think I could not be any luckier.  Then it changes.....With a drop of a hat his personality is not the little cute caring, kind, helpful, funny little boy any more.  It becomes this back talking, defiant, spiteful, forgetful child.   I know if I ever talked back to my parents, life would have ended as I knew it.   From what I here, it all starts at 11 years old and gets worse until about 18.  When he has these growing personality changes, I want time to speed up. 

It will be great to look back on these days and laugh with him, all  the time saying, you are one lucky kid.  

This was a very Happy Birthday for the Cisco Kid.  We had to celebrated his Birthday one day early.  We have Cub Scouts the day of his birthday and we usually do not get home until 8:30.  That would not give us enough time to celebrate. 

As soon as we got home from Karate, The Cisco Kid could not wait to tare into his gifts.  Grandma and Grandpa spoil him by giving him, old silver coins, Lego & cash.  The Chief and I got him a basketball, rainbow loom bands and organizer and a vintage Swiss army helmet. 

 The Day of his Birthday I brought doughnuts into his class.  When he came home from school, I had a Happy Birthday balloon tower waiting for him outside.  He was so happy he brought it to his room.  That night we went to Cub Scouts and I brought in an Oreo cake. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Season of Basketball

This is The Cisco Kids first season of playing basketball on a team.   After the first two game the Coach has notice he is good at playing defense.   The won two games and lost two games.  He is number is 34

The next three pictures are the whole play. 

Until his next game.


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