Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disney Cruise

We were so tired of the cold weather that we decided at the last minute to take a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.  The Bahamas was nice especially the Disney Island, Castaway Cay.   The temperature there was a high of 66 degrees.  Not as worm as I would have liked, but a whole lot better than the 30 to 40 degrees weather at home.
Our room.

Every night we had a towel animal in our room.   

The view out our room when docked in the Bahamas.   

 This was so cool!  They had a detective crime solving game / hunt on board.  You pick a card that has a bar code on it and you get a map.  You program the card in the computer, then you are set to start solving the crime.  In specific locations throughout the ship, they have pictures on the wall that will inter act with your card once you hold it up to the picture.  The picture gives you clues to solve the crime.  We had so much fun running around the ship finding these painting and watching the clues unfold.       
 When we docked in the Bahamas we decided to stay on the ship and enjoy the slide and pool with no crowds.  This is a very large tube ride that hangs over the ship.  The Chief and I sat and watched the gigantic screen TV while The Cisco Kid rode the tube slide.   

Enjoying all the outdoor activities.  They also have a couple of Basketball courts and football simulator games.   

Golfing on the ship.
 Ships photo op!  They have all the Disney characters on the ship, but I could not get him to take a picture with any of them.  I was happy he decided to stand there with this plaster pelican.   
 OK!.....The Food.  I will let the pictures tell the story.  This was not even half of the selection.   

 On Castaway Cay.  It was about 66 degrees.  I stayed in a lounge chair with a towel wrapped around me.  The guys went in the water and snorkeled. 

 Fun photo op's.

They had a Pirate themed dinner.  The Chief and The Cisco Kid dressed up for the dinner.   
It was fun to get out of the cold for a few days. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This is our last year participating in the Pinewood Derby races with the Cub Scouts.  The Cisco Kid will be moving up to the Boy Scouts and they don't have that activity.  The Cisco Kid won second place in his den and second place in the overall Pack race.   At the end of the Packs race, we have a race for cablings.  This year I decided to join the sibling race and race my car against The Cisco Kid's car.  Yes...... I did say my car.  I built one and painted it green.  I decided to make it with a Flower Cannon on the front of the car.  To make sue I did not promote violence, I told everyone that my cannon shot flower seeds instead of cannon balls. 

 His racing stats.  His car in this race went 196.6 MPH in 2.5140 seconds. 

My Car.....Of course when we raced, his car won. 


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